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More than 91 million
members own 7,700
U.S. credit unions.

A credit union is a member-owned, not-for-profit, cooperative financial institution. When you bank at a credit union, you own a piece of it and have a say in how it's run. Each member can impact the direction of the credit union.

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1. What's In It For You? Credit unions...
  • Help you save, borrow and access your money just like you would at a bank—most have all the same services that banks have (but with better deals for you)!
  • Let you keep more of YOUR money with lower fees and
    better rates!
  • Improve members’ live and communities with consumer-friendly products and financial education.
  • Follow safe investment practices and lend responsibly.
  • Are NOT owned by stockholders or controlled by out-of-town corporate offices…they are owned by the members like you who have accounts there!
  • Are governed by a volunteer board of directors, elected by its membership. Any member may pursue a spot on a board or committee.
2. Most Credit Unions Offer...
  • Credit cards with low or no annual fees and low interest rates.
  • Direct deposits, payroll deduction, ACH and wire deposits – many work right with your employer for faster posting of pay.
  • Financial education and counseling services.
  • Higher dividend rates on savings accounts, term certificates of deposit, IRAs, and money market accounts.
  • Low-cost or free checking with low or no minimum balance requirements.
  • Low interest rates on mortgages, home equity loans or lines of credit, and vehicle and personal loans.
  • Access to ATMs and nationwide ATM networks for free withdrawals.
  • Easy access to your money with online banking, bill payer, mobile banking, and e-statements.

Your credit union savings are federally insured up $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government. The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a U.S. Government Agency regulates and supervises all federal credit unions. Credit unions also provide excess share insurance or private insurance for their account holders.

Find a credit union that works for you using our Credit Union Finder.

3. There's a Credit Union for Everyone

Each credit union serves a "field of membership" that's made up of people with something in common. You may be eligible to join one or more credit unions based on your:

  • Family members who already use a credit union
  • Employer/workplace
  • Geographic area of your home or work
  • School
  • Place of worship
  • Membership in an organization

Use the advanced search capabilities in our Credit Union Finder to find a credit union that's just right for you. You'll be surprised at how many credit unions you can join!