The Benefits of Shared Branching

As Bank Transfer Day (November 5th) draws near, we continue our series on the benefit of transferring your account from a bank to a credit union. Our network of credit unions allow members to participate in shared branching. What is “shared branching” you ask? Shared branching facilitates credit unions all over the country to share facilities and give members thousands of convenient locations to perform transactions just as if they were in their home credit union.

Anywhere a shared branching facility is, you can conduct a range of banking activities, including:
Loan Payments
Make transfers between accounts
Purchase money orders, travelers checks and official checks
And more!

To take advantage of this service, when you enter a shared branch you only need to bring:
Your home credit union’s name
Your account number
Valid government-issued photo identification (for example: driver’s license, US passport, etc)

Do you have questions about shared branching or which credit union is the best fit for you? Contact your local credit union representative for more information, as we’ll be happy to share with the the listing of locations including not only our credit union branches but also outlets, service centers, ATMs, and kiosks. We can also let you know which locations offer which services: cash-only, deposit-taking and full service.