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More than 91 million
members own 7,700
U.S. credit unions.

What's In It For Me

"What's In It For Me" is a cooperative campaign designed to build awareness of credit unions and to assist consumers in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia with finding a credit union that's right for them. The campaign began in 2009 with support from credit unions affiliated with the Maryland DC Credit Union Association (MDDCCUA) and the Virginia Credit Union League.

"We have been banking with a credit union for 10 years now, and we are very pleased with the prompt and patient service we always receive."

-- Member of Arlington Federal Credit Union
"I came into the GMU branch of Apple Federal Credit Union and paid my loan. I was pleasantly greeted the second I walked in the door. The teller was friendly and courteous. I walked out of there feeling important, not just another number or account holder."

--Ali Z., member of
Apple Federal Credit Union